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[2018] 'SALT WATERS' Atölyesi

Verona Üniversitesi’nden Erasmus değişim programı ile gelen Prof. Carlo Tombola “SALT WATERS” atölye çalışmasını 27 Nisan - 3 Mayıs 2018 tarihleri arasında 3. ve 4. sınıf öğrencilerimiz ile gerçekleştirdi.



The aim of the project is to tell the development of the life and the ecosystems around, over and into the saltwaters of seas, lakes, lagoons and rivers, which mark the boundaries between earth and water with theirmouths. 

Salt waters which divide, combine, feed, defend. Salt waters which represent the beating heart of some different European cities. This is the diversity the project wants to catch, following the most subtle links thatconnect men to the water. A story of pictures and sounds, told by the poetic voice, the slight and curious gaze of the flaneur in his walkscapes. 

Content of the teaching programme:

Students taking part of the project will cross the ideal bridge between these two realities. 

Walking through the streets of Instambul students will be called to take this complexity of relationshipsthrough images and sounds, through the colors and the light reflected on the salt waters.

Expected outcomes and impact (e.g. on the professional development of the teaching staff member and on the competences of students at both institutions):

The documentary storytelling is an experience which is worth to live personally, in the most immersive way, wearing out the shoes’ soles.

Storytelling is a key to stories, it helps us to understand them, to read them. But it is also a key to relive some experiences through the senses. The journey of a curious artist produces emotions and beauty. It producesobjects and memories to take back home to be contemplated or as tools to convince someone else to leave.

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