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Tonguç Tokol's "Onbirartıbir / Elevenplusone" Design Exhibition (14th January - 30th January 2015)




2nd İstanbul Design Biennial (1st November - 14th December 2014)

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"Design with OLED" Exhibition




Yacht Design Exhibition (20th April-30th May 2014)

”Düşünceden Tasarıma / From concept to design” Exhibition (4th-28th March 2014)

Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts, provides opportunity to students, who transforms their creative ideas into the design and art objects, to show their projects to faculty members and visitors. 

This exhibition called ”Düşünceden Tasarıma / From concept to design” , summarized the four years educational period of the Interior Architecture. The exhibition had a place in tracking the transformation of creative thought to design in interior architecture education, witnessing how the art and design interrelated to each other by the means of form, function, construction, material, color and examining the interdisciplinary characteristic of the interior architecture. Exhibited student projects included 1st, 2nd ,  3rd, 4th year education.  Projects of conceptual, practical, theoretical, technical courses were exhibited.

In addition to the student projects, in the exhibition, there were also the works that belongs to the process and the results of the Scientific Research Project coordinated by instructors of our department in 2008. Furniture prototypes made by students in the scope of this project took attention to the importance of application in Applied School of Fine Arts. 

Exhibition visualized the experience and knowledge gained by the students in four years during their education and shared with the visitors the subjects of transformation of ideas to tangible forms at an ideal atelier condition. Today, education of Interior Architecture is given at various institutions and each applies different systems. With sixty years of experience, Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts Department of Interior Architecture combines design and art in an effective way.

Click here for news: Arkitera, 'Tasarım' magazine.


Student Projects Exhibition of Interior Design II Course (23rd December 2013-12th January 2014)

Projects titled “Bookcase and desk design for teen room ”, which were done by the 2nd year students of Interior Design II course coordinated by Prof.Yalçın Özel and Res.Assist. Seylan Öztürk in 2012-2013 Spring Semester, will be exhibited between 23rd December 2013-12th January 2014 at our department. 

Student Projects Exhibition of Furniture Design at Private Environments I-II Courses (23rd October-29th November 2013)

Projects titled “Bed, bedside table and wardrobe design for bedroom”, which were done by the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th group students of Furniture Design at Private Environments I-II courses coordinated by Prof.Yalçın Özel and Res.Assist. Seylan Öztürk in 2012-2013 Fall and Spring Semesters, will be exhibited between 23rd October 2013-29th November 2013 at our department. In the scope of this project, students dealed with concept, form, function, dimension, material, color, construction and application of a bed, bedside table and wardrobe and present their projects with poster and technical drawings including perspectives, the front, side and top view and sections of the designed furniture.


“EPIDEMIC HAPPINESS-STREET FURNITURE DESIGN” Exhibition (25th September-18th October 2013)

Student projects, which were done in the scope of Conceptual Furniture Design I-III courses coordinated by Prof.Meltem Eti Proto, Res.Assist.Seden Odabaşıoğlu and Furniture Construction Systems III course coordinated by Prof.Yalçın Özel in 2012-2013 Fall Semester, were exhibited at our department between 25th September 2013- 18th October 2013. In these projects students had dealed with the theme of the Epidemic Happiness-Street Furniture Contest organized by Desall.com and Farm Cultural Park.

Visit: http://desall.com/Contest/Epidemic-Happiness/Brief


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